With more than 30 years of international expertise in technical, scientific and commercial visualization, Inside Reality is the partner of choice to maximize the potential of your own digital transformation journey.


Strategy Consulting

Integrated visualization is a powerful tool to help you optimize your value chain to fulfil the goals of your projects. We help you leverage the full potential of your own organization, as well as the interplay with other organizations along your value chain.

  • Understanding your business strategy and ecosystem
  • Defining a roadmap towards an integrated value chain
  • Identifying suitable milestones and the first project
  • Implementing every step of the way together with you


3D Dataflow Analysis

Having multiple organizations collaborate means understanding where the data come from, and how they can be integrated. Given that every organizational mix uses different software and formats, our comprehensive dataflow analysis lays the foundation for your successful project.

  • Identification of data sources
  • Understanding of source applications
  • Definition of transformation workflows
  • Test transformations
  • Setting up an integration model


Integrated Visualization

Visualization sells! But to be effective, visualization needs to be interactive, and it needs to cater for different types of users. We help you bridge the gap between technical and non-technical perspectives by integrating various models, putting them into a common context and by making them viewable ad understandable by a wide range of stakeholders.

  • Model integration across a variety of scales (GIS/BIM/CAD)
  • From technical models to virtual clay
  • Simulated lighting and photorealism


Process Automation

The holy grail of integrated visualization for effective stakeholder communication is automation. Going from a technical model to a realistic high-end visualization requires process-oriented thinking, effective tooling and building up project and organization specific asset and material libraries. We will help you put all these mechanisms in place.

  • Definition and curation of object & material libraries
  • Lighting simulations from technical models
  • Automated rendering using custom distributed render management
  • Parallelization of modeling tasks
  • Data reduction for individual contributors
  • Automatic model generation from highest resolution data sources