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Inside Reality: Your Digital Showroom in the Web

Breaking News: «VR-without-goggles» immersive solution by Inside Reality receives special recognition at Swiss «IT-Oscar»

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We let your clients experience your products in emotionally powerful ways:
in 3D, larger than life, interactive, without need for VR glasses, everywhere, anytime, personalized, shareable and easy to integrate into your existing IT landscape.

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Inside Reality transforms your physical product experience into an interactive 3D Digital Showroom visit, which your customers can share with their social network. There’s no need for VR glasses. By exclusively using modern Web technology, interactive 3D visualization can be centrally managed and integrated with Digital Marketing tools as well as existing CMS, CRM, PIM, POS or e-Commerce software.

3D Viewer & Configurator Web App

The 3D viewer and configurator Web app lets you visualize and interact with product specific scenarios. Sales representatives can present your entire product lineup embedded in an attractive context, while your clients have the possibility to choose between a variety of configurations and materials.

Remote Control via Mobile Web App

To create a highly immersive experience, all user interface components of the Digital Showroom can be transferred to a mobile device, e.g. a smartphone or a tablet. Neither your sales representatives nor your customers need special 3D tools to be able to interact with your 3D product worlds.

Integration with Social Networks

As soon as your client has identified his or her ideal configuration, right there and then from within the 3D Viewer and Configurator Web app, a full 360° panorama can be created without effort, which can then automatically be posted on the Facebook timeline, to be shared with friends and family.

Integration with your existing IT

Finally, from the perspective of the Inside Reality platform, everything is simply content on a normal Web page. This makes the integration with your existing software landscape almost trivial. There are no limits to the possibilities. Content will in fact me managed in ways like your existing home page.

Case study - Immersive Collaboration

Case Study: Franke Kitchen Systems

«Inside Reality lets clients experience your products in an interactive way, without the space and budget constraints of a real showroom.»

Jürgen Debusmann - CEO

«Inside Reality is based on Web standards. Interactive 3D product displays can be easily integrated with Digital Marketing tools and existing IT landscapes.»

Chris Henn – CTO


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Inside Reality is part of One Inside. One Inside is an award-winning, specialist for state-of-the-art business content management, with an emphasis on content infrastructure and processes, mobile applications and interactive 3D visualization.

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