Improve the quality of your conversations

What we do

Inside Reality specializes in creating group experiences based on web technology, on- and offline. Immersive and easy to use. We are recognized by the prestigious Swiss Digital Economy Awards for high-quality Digital Selling and intuitive user experience.

Our immersive experiences are ideal for location- and device independent collaboration in interdisciplinary teams. They make effective communication with different stakeholder groups easy.

We aim to support interaction, make complex ideas and structures understandable, and help people to establish new ways of collaborating. No matter what your scenario looks like, we have an answer to your challenge.

Who we are

Our team members are from different backgrounds, both international and interdisciplinary. What unites our artists, animators, 3D modellers, engineers, technicians, evangelists and design experts is passion and the mission to understand each other better.

“We make the Digital Revolution work for people. Anywhere. Anytime.”

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You want to learn more and have your own experience in a showroom or reality center? Leave a message and we’ll get back to you.