Inside Reality provides Web-centric hard- and software solutions for immersive and remote communication and collaboration, to improve the quality of decision making as well as the speed and cost of project implementations across inter-organizational value chains.


Immersive Room

Immersion is a powerful tool. Using low-cost, consumer-grade projection and compute technology, we achieve immersion for groups of individuals without making use of VR glasses. This leverages the full spectrum of human interactions, while at the same time providing better insight into complex situations.

  • Application as Digital Showroom or Project Room
  • Use existing rooms and facilities (5x5m or larger)
  • Low cost electronics, simple wall-based projection
  • Web-centric multi-display application
  • Planning and implementation
  • Installation and testing of hard- & software
  • Training and support (remote & on site)


Immersive Forge

We took the popular Forge Viewer from Autodesk and made it support Group Immersion and Remote Collaboration. Simply upload one or more models, then walk into an immersive room to study them together with a group of individuals.

  • Full support for group immersion
  • Remote collaboration between any devices
  • No local software installation necessary
  • Support for 40+ native data formats
  • Multi-model viewer
  • Combine any 3D format
  • In-session model update
  • Shared Cloud storage


Inside Reality App

Web-centric software platform for immersive visualization and remote collaboration. Based on an innovative concept for group immersion, we put the human being and its natural ways to communicate, learn and evolve at the center of the Digital Transformation.

  • Mobile Web Client for viewing, sharing & control
  • Reality Center App with support for PC clusters
  • Sharing microsite
  • Optimized storage, networking and synchronization
  • Dynamic model integration
  • Flexible model alignment
  • High-end Web-based visualization


Distance Co-Working

Using Immersive Video Conferencing, we help you work more effectively while being geographically dispersed. With immersion, we bring back human efficiency that is lost in classic video conferencing. Especially for project sessions and workshops, it’s as if you are together in the same room.

  • Immersive video conferencing
  • Using off-the shelf electronic components
  • Integration with standard conferencing apps
  • Remote telepresence due to life-size projection
  • Support for stationary or mobile facilities