«VR-without-goggles» immersive solution by Inside Reality receives special recognition at Swiss «IT-Oscar»


Spin-off from Swiss Web-leader One Inside expands market potential of VR solution for Digital Selling. Fresh out of the gate as an independent player, Inside Reality celebrates market entry in style as finalist of the prestigious Swiss Digital Economy Award.


Sachseln, 22. November 2018 – Virtual Reality disruption made in Switzerland:  At this year’s Swiss Digital Economy Award, Inside Reality impressed the jury with its approach of making VR experienceable on all platforms without special technical aids. The jury says about Inside Reality: “This is an excellent example of how technology can be used as an enabler to enhance customer experiences from the physical world in a virtual environment and to make the offering easily adaptable to different cultures and customer expectations. The approach has the potential to provide SMEs with high-quality access for location-independent customer acquisition, which is only possible in physical and complex showrooms today”.

At the same time as receiving this prestigious award, Inside Reality completed the spin-off as an independent subsidiary of the One Inside Group. Clemens Bussinger, Group CEO, comments: “The unique idea from which we were able to quickly develop a marketable product has been sensationally received by our target customers. As an independent spin-off, we give the vision of Inside Reality the necessary freedom to focus fully across their different industries and markets.”

Jürgen Debusmann was appointed CEO of Inside Reality. The media, sales and management specialist with 30 years of professional experience comments: “Inside Reality solves a fundamental business problem: The Internet offers consumers freedoms that are offset by the location and time constraints of emotionally rich product presentations in stationary retail. These are associated with enormous costs, without any guarantee of deepening customer contact. Our approach links the offline world with the online world, avoids geographical dependencies and brings the perfect, brand-oriented product experience wherever the business partner or consumer is. This makes it possible for companies to be internationally present with massively reduced risks for market entry and cost of sales. In addition, our platform is based on standard web technology and can therefore be easily and cost-effectively integrated into existing IT infrastructures.

Chris Henn, Chief Technology Officer and father of this pioneering approach to using VR for Digital Selling, explains: “Virtual reality offers unprecedented product experiences. Our approach provides a new form of immersion in which 3D scenarios can be viewed as a group experience by multiple people simultaneously, without technical equipment separating them”.

Physical product exhibitions in showrooms or at trade fairs are still an essential tool for marketing and sales today, as they offer customers a tangible shopping experience. However, the production, transport, installation and adaptation of exhibition goods consumes a lot of time and resources, which ultimately leads to high distribution costs. With Inside Reality, the exhibition space is virtually unlimited and virtually free of charge. In addition to the 3D product presentation, full integration with e-commerce and point-of-sale systems as well as the entire digital marketing arsenal such as analytics or digital signage is also possible. The customer’s positive shopping experience can be virally shared via social networks and via 360° integration with the Facebook timeline.

We offer media professionals the opportunity to experience Inside Reality technology up close during a visit to the “Inside Reality Center” at Liestal railway station. Contact us at the following e-mail address giulia.huber@farner.ch and we will be happy to arrange an appointment with you. If you would like further information on Inside Reality, please feel free to contact us at any time.

About Inside Reality

Inside Reality digitizes emotionally rich 3D product representations and makes them shareable for consumers and business partners. Independent of location and display, interactive experiences are preserved without media discontinuity. Immersive 3D visualization becomes a group experience without VR glasses and guarantees a consistent brand presence across the entire value chain. Typical use cases for Inside Reality are digital showrooms, electronic magazines, virtual trade fair appearances and digital signage. With a purely web content-based 3D platform, established digital marketing tools can be easily integrated. Existing enterprise software such as CMS, CRM, PIM, POS or e-commerce systems can be integrated as well using open standards. 3D content is centrally managed in off-the-shelf digital asset and content management systems.

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